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"From our traders to portfolio managers to ETF product team - each day we at Van Eck look forward to a new Daily Dirtnap installment. In addition to unmatched Wall Street entertainment, Jared’s market commentary and take on market sentiment get all of us to think about what we do differently and more creatively. The Daily Dirtnap is beyond refreshing when compared to the mainstream press.”

Jan van Eck, Principal, Van Eck Associates Corp.

"The Dr. House of trading.”

Keith Larit, Barclays Capital

"His insight into market psychology is matched only by his wit. He’s a voice worth listening to for any serious student of the markets.”

Mark Phelan, Piper Jaffray & Co.

"Jared Dillian, an excellent former trader with a strongly contrarian bias, provides entertaining and thought-provoking comments on investment markets. I religiously read his comments and they always stimulate my thinking.”

Marc Faber, Marc Faber Limited

"Jared’s insight into the market is not only informed by a library of histories and studies, but more importantly by an intimate experience with buyers and sellers, speculators and investors, punters and quants.”

Jason Brady, Thornburg Investment

"Jared does a very effective job of highlighting markets and assets that move well out of line with their underlying fundamentals, utilizing a quirky, self-deprecating writing style. He is thought-provoking and challenges your views, and is always entertaining."

Jerry Jordan, Hellman, Jordan Management Company, Inc.

"I have read a lot of financial reports, analyst reports, strategy pieces, economic dissertations, options strategies, and more. Most of what I read is repetitive, patently dull, or too complex to be executable. I look forward to his work because it has a concrete, executable strategy, combined with storytelling, clarity, and insight."

Maren Lindstrom, Lord Abbett, LLC

“We have been loyal subscribers for over 5 years and there is not a day that goes by that we don’t look forward to Jared’s insights. Through a powerful combination of wit, humility and timely observations it forces us to think differently, challenge our beliefs, remain intellectually flexible and ultimately drive greater profitability for our investors.”

Christopher Donnelly, Pacific Rock Capital

“If you can’t make money with this thing, then you’re holding it upside down.”

Anthony Greer, Dahlman Rose & Co, LLC

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